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January 14, 2019

by Robert Lavallee – Community Developer Blog Post for January 7 – 11

Welcome to my first blog post on the webpage. I am so happy that you are here!

I want to share with you my experiences as I accepted the opportunity to serve the people in the territory. Here you will find photos, videos and updates on my progress.

My office is located 38 2nd Avenue NE in Dauphin, Manitoba and I will be traveling throughout the territory getting to know you and the beautiful land and water.

My hope is that the blog will serve its purpose of informing you of my work and a chance for you to be heard as the main voice in Treaty 2 Territory. Feel free to send me a message or give me a call if you have any ideas or suggestions. Miigwech!

This photo was taken on my first day of work on my way to our Government Building in Dauphin, Manitoba. January 7, 2019
Dr. Elder Harry Hone, Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba. January 8, 2019.

On my second day at the office we had a visit by the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba. Here are some photos of Dr. Elder Harry Bone who did a powerful teaching of the Pipe Ceremony and First Law.

Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba and Treaty 2 staff in discussion. January 8, 2019.

“The history and past policies regarding the Indian people cannot and must not be ignored, for their effects are with us all the in present Indian fact. To deny the past and to refuse to recognize its implications is to distort the present and to distort the present is to take risks with the future that are blatantly irresponsible.”

Wahbung – Our Tomorrows 1971
Joseph Maud, Land, Water, Resource Secretary with Cynthia Bird, Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba share ideas. January 8, 2019.

There was a lot of great discussions and mutual goals were identified. I want to make a visit to the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba office in the future.

Dr. Betty Lynxleg, First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory. January 8, 2019.

One of my colleagues Dr. Betty Lynxleg, from Tootinaoziibing, pictured above wrote the Treaty Tales children’s books which are now used in the Treaty Kits that are found at your local schools.

Miigwech for reading my blog – stay tuned as I publish more weekly blogs! I can be reached via email at or by my cell at 204-621-7070.

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