Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Steps toward Self- Government though community development in Little Saskatchewan

February 23, 2019

Treaty 2 officials were invited to speak at the Little Saskatchewan community meeting today.  While awaiting their chance to present the members shared in the booth that displayed the map and information on what the Nation is doing with unity.

The officials made a presentation on the current structure and Government of Treaty 2 giving the members of Little Saskatchewan full opportunity to ask questions.  The history presentation of the treaties was made which includes the 7 documents.  They are the building blocks of what we have today.

The finishing included the call out for a local governance committee by current leaders that involved each family head and members to begin the process of creating their own constitution so they community can govern themselves not wait for Ottawa or other governments to tell them what to do.  Current leaders are pushing for more community member involvement through this process. This gives the community a way of local law making and letting them be in charge at the grassroot level.  

“The people will decide on their own what they would like to do and see in the structure moving forward”, said Chief Hector Shorting.

The Treaty 2 Territory continues with the mandate of rebuilding the Nation one step at a time and this was another piece in Little Saskatchewan today.

Last modified: February 23, 2019

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