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March 11, 2019

So what is sports doing as a part of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNiT2T) strategy right now? The straight forward answer is that it is the wishes of the Elders and Chiefs to respond to our community needs. Historically, sporting events have been the meeting grounds where we would gather – chi-mawadishawewag – have a big visit. The leadership is concerned that we are losing generations of kids because we are not stepping up to volunteer, organize, and do the little things. FNiT2T is looking to build young athlete’s to participate in competitions and nation building, long term. Short term, build individual capacity, fast.

(FNiT2T) Gathering of Nations is right around the corner and preparations are underway to host the first event March 14-17th. Peak 24/7 Health Club Owner Rodman Batson is the new to the FNiT2T team but working fast. Batson brings a wealth of experience including a Bachelors of Phys. Ed. Also, his mother is Pine Creek Ogimaakwe – Female Chief, Karen Batson, and like his mom, he is invested in the future of our people.

Most recently, Rodman was one of Team Manitoba’s Boxing Coaches at the Canada Winter Games. This weekend hi is helping to run the basketball, volleyball, and hockey tournaments. This first event is a starting point to lead up to the 2020 FNiT2T Gathering of Nations in Pinaymootang- Fairford, MB, which will include more sports, including Jiu Jitsu tournaments, and regional events.

As part of the Celebration of Nations in Dauphin next month, Jason Parenteau – Bizikiins, will come out to the Elders Lounge Saturday at 2:00pm and share the story of how Roseau River Jiu Jitsu club in Treaty 1 Territory went from a dream, to reality, to a part of the community that now lives off the blue and purple belts that were built there. And, how we plan to build here, in Treaty 2 Territory. Peak 24/7 Jiu Jitsu has its grand opening April 2nd, 2019 with two classes weekly thereafter, at 7:15pm.

Rodman can be contacted for tournament information, as well as sport and recreation consulting and development, for FNiT2T. If you are interested in team and player conditioning, assessments, and/or coaching seminars, come out and talk to us this weekend and start planning.

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