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Celebration of Nations 2019 a Milestone

March 18, 2019

by Kendra Kakewash, Community Engagement/Celebrations of Nations Coordinator

Celebration of Nations was a déjà vu.  Seeing all the people come together and uniting thru sport, talent and recreation.  I love the modern-day gatherings because it really brings the best of both worlds that we all walk in.  I am sure that we all felt our ancestors in our presence as we were all united together this past weekend. 

Celebration of Nations goal was to unite the people and that was exactly what happened in Dauphin, Treaty 2 Territory. Events included Minor hockey, Rec hockey, talent show, volleyball, basketball and ice fishing challenge to name a few.  The event’s goal was to host events that all First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory were included. 

I love planning and organizing and Celebration of Nations was the biggest event I ever had to co-coordinate. Please stay tuned for our future events such as the Youth Forum, Arts Festival and Winter Games 2020. 

Nothing about us without us, in unity remain

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