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Land, Water and Resource meeting held at Gambler First Nation

March 22, 2019

Gambler First Nation-First Nations of Treaty 2 held their Land and Resource Council meeting at the Gambler First Nation on Thursday March 21st.
The purpose was to increase public profile of Treaty 2 and to gain community support and participation as we move toward governance.
Gambler First Nation Chief David Ledoux was pleased with the outcome, saying that this was a first for his community.
“We were pleased to have this happen on our reserve,” said Ledoux. “This is the first time we have had any organization come here and hold meetings so we’re very happy with that.”
“We haven’t had AMC or SCO here so having Treaty 2 here shows interest,” he added.
The agenda covered land protection, flood protection, wildlife and forestry management and included important updates on the train derailment that happened in late February near St. Lazare, Manitoba which saw 37 cars derail and spilled 820,000 litres of crude oil onto the land.
New business tabled included a water diversion from Saskatchewan’s Blackbird Creek which will flood lands in Treaty 2 territory on the Manitoba side of the provincial border.

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