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Some thoughts as I travel

April 5, 2019

A few things come to mind as I’ve traveled throughout the vast lands that are Treaty 2. I listen to my Sirius XM radio for the latest sports talk, think of what new dish I’m going to try and make (Yes, I cook), but mostly I look out the windshield of my car as the towns and villages pass and I catch small glimpses of people’s lives as I drive through.
A teenager trying to start his skidoo, a school bus letting kids off and watching as they run into their houses to start their evenings, a bunch of deer feeding on the side of Riding Mountain at dusk and the ever popular gas station attendant who fuels other people’s dreams so they can move toward them, the metallic sound of the nozzle colliding with the rim of the gas tank and the hum of the fuel being pumped while my foot scrapes gravel to go inside in search of peanut M & M’s and a coffee.
My mind wanders and I can’t help but think back as to what things looked like as time passed, in my mind the roads disappear and I think of tall grass prairie, endless and swaying in the wind.
There is a freedom in that.
Addition happens, I’ve added people and see the original peoples of the Treaty 2 territory and I smile. They are doing the things that they did in that era. Surviving, cooking, sharing and they look purposeful, for there is smoke rising from their homes.
Children are playing while others take it all in.
I am too far away to hear them speak and am sitting comfortably, my back resting against a tree and for a moment I too am happy for them for it is a good place that I’ve come to.
Over the years we have come to label this as daydreaming and that label has negative connotations.
We have learned not to do it for we have been scolded by our teachers in school for doing so.
In my time I’ve also heard that having dreams and the ability to go other places is one of our gifts our people have.
I believe that to be true.
I like going where I went, it’s peaceful and contains the roots of who we are today.
Knowing they are still there, still serving a purpose because I hear them when our people speak.
It’s nice to be able to hear the message.

Last modified: April 5, 2019

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