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FNiT2T establishes the Life Long Learning, Training and Human Development Secretariat

April 29, 2019

As first peoples, we have been vigilant to protect the knowledge that accompanies our traditional ways of knowing and have strived to ensure that our way of life was never abandoned. In reflection of the impacts of colonialism, we must be proud of the determination our people have demonstrated in protecting and preserving the most sacred; our spirit as Indigenous peoples. Nonetheless, we must also recognize that there has been an impact, however, that we are also moving into a post-colonial era that is reclaiming and healing the past. First Nations are moving forward and in doing so, are also ensuring that their inherent distinctiveness continues with the next generation.

Our ancestors facing uncertainty at the Treaty negotiation were mindful to protect their way of life for the following generations; ensuring their people would be prepared for the new way of life. As our world moves toward uncertain times economically, environmentally, and socially, we must prepare our children for their future. It is our responsibility to ensure that they move toward their future skilled to meet the challenges of the contemporary world, but also grounded in their ancestral ways of knowing. We must share the knowledge of our ancestors with our young, with each other, within our communities and through our action, support the next generation to meet the demands of the future with reverence, determination and knowledge. For this is their Inherent Right.

The First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNiT2T) Government will be moving toward protecting that way of learning and education. Recently the FNiT2T established the Life Long Learning, Training and Human Development (LLLTHD) Secretariat to begin addressing the shortfall in the provincial education system. The intent of the LLLTHD is to engage the education stakeholders on what they envision for education and learning within the Treaty 2 territory and then work toward making this vision a reality. The LLLTHD works with the Anishinaabek Council to ensure that the perspective of the First Nations drives the development. Plans to host community specific engagement sessions are also being organized. Members interested in the work of the LLLTHD are encouraged to get involved and be active in the process of development!

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