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Gambler First Nation puts shovel in the ground for Brandon’s first ever Urban Business Zone.

May 17, 2019

Brandon, Treaty 2 Territory – Today was a very special day for the Gambler First Nation, a small First Nation located within the Treaty 2 Territory and a First Nation who was part of the making of Treaty 4.  Located by Fort Ellis, Gamblers is now heading south within the territory to develop Brandon’s first ever Urban Business Zone.

“I thank the City of Brandon for their work with us.  This is a special day for us and our children of Gamblers.  We dedicate this property to our youth.  We will have security for seven (7) generations built up, said Chief David Ledoux.

The City of Brandon is the largest city in the Treaty 2 Territory.  Open for business and the Mayor and Council have been welcoming this day for some time.

A packed gathering today of over a hundred people saw the shovel go into the ground for the official ground-breaking ceremony.  The City of Brandon is honoured to have its first municipal agreement completed with such an amazing partner.

Lorie Thompson, FNiT2T Director CFEFCN Wellbeing performed a mother earth song prior to putting the shovels in.

Chief David LeDoux and Mayor Rick Chrest

“Thank you Chief Ledoux for inviting me to the Gambler First Nation and the New Urban Business Zone.  This is Brandon’s first endeavor into this process.  Our Urban Aboriginal Peoples Council was established a few years ago, and this shows the work that has been done.  I am proud to be part of this. We have been talking for some time about relationships and this is really the bedrock of this particular development and the success we have had with such a positive outcome”, said Mayor Rick Chrest.

“This shows the little engine that could” and can do anything and Gamblers is leading the way!

The Government of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory was on hand today and very proud of what Gamblers has accomplished to date with business development.

“This marks a special day for all of us Anishinaabe in the Treaty 2 Territory.  We are here today to celebrate success in belief in what we need to do if we put our mind to it.  As time went by we saw the hard work and efforts Chief Ledoux and his Council has been doing and we commend him for that.  We welcome nothing but success for Gamblers and it’s a pleasure sitting with him  at FNiT2T moving the Treaty 2 Territory forward.”  Said Grand Chief Eastman. Click here to see video

We stand with Chief Ledoux and Gambler First Nation moving forward!

SCO Grand Chief Daniels, FNiT2T Grand Chief Eastman, Chief David LeDoux, Chief Karen Batson, Chief Norman Bone, Brandon Mayor Rick Chrest

The FNiT2T wishes the Gambler First Nation luck in the future endeavors at Brandon’s first ever Urban Business Zone.

Last modified: June 4, 2019

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