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Officials meet to lay ground work for partnership in Life Long Learning

June 5, 2019

Treaty 2 territory – The FNiT2T Government carries the vision to establish a Life Long Learning (LLL) Institute to provide adult education that meets the needs of the Nations in their pursuit for self-determination.

With that intention, staff from the First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNiT2T) met with Assiniboine Community College (ACC) officials and developers today to discuss a partnership for establishing post-secondary programs that support the work of the FNiT2T Government. The potential partnership is supported by the resolutions from June and November 2018 to advance the education throughout the Treaty 2 territory.

The potential for a partnership between the FNiT2T and the ACC is tremendous. The opportunities that were shared in discussion clearly demonstrated that the time to act in a collaborative process is now. The meeting was a first entry for further development in forging ahead with the development not only of immediate programming but the establishment of the FNiT2T LLL Institute. Areas for developing a unique program that is grounded on ancestral knowledge including programs involving the conservation/protection of the natural world, net-zero/waste efficient housing, community and governance development, customary care workers, early learning language instructors, and others. The intention for establishing the land-based, bush- university programs to reconnect the training with the spirit and intent for ancestral learning was clearly articulated by the FNiT2T staff and was well received by the representatives from the College. The plan to move forward will be presented to the Anishinaabek Council and Governing Council shortly. Very exciting for the people of the Treaty 2 territory!!

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