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Treaty days kick off with Law Making Open House in Lake St Martin First Nation

June 6, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – It is a beautiful sunny day to cherish at the new First Nation of Lake St Martin (LSM).  Many members went through the doors of the new school.  An Open House for LSM Members on Constitution and Law Making took place. The members are learning together about their original inherent rights prior to Treaty 2. Exercising self-governance and self-determination through Law Making was held alongside of the annual Treaty payout for the First Nation members.

Staff helpers from the Government of FNiT2T came out to assist local coordinator Clarence Morse and the LSM Governance Committee.  Prayer from Elder Wood, the opening from Chief Adrian Sinclair and introductions started off the meeting.    Chief Sinclair welcomed his members to the open house and shared his confidence in the Law-Making process through the Coordination, Committee and First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory.  He stated that “creating a Constitution will move us further away from the Indian Act which is necessary”.

A presentation consisted the history of the days before, day of, and days after-Treaty, the structure of the FNIT2T and examples of various lawmaking processes throughout the territory.  A road map sample was presented which includes a guiding term of reference, a non-political structure, drafting of law with review periods, timelines, scheduling, obtaining local knowledge, ensuring there is youth involvement, ensuring there is a self-care/well-being component, education and awareness.

The LSM Governance Committee was introduced which is made up of members; Clarence Morse LSMFN Governance Coordinator, Florence Wood, Lillian Morse, Mary Spence, Alicia Woodhouse and Mervin Sinclair.  The Coordinator and Committee are the members who are tasked with bringing the members together to review available Law-Making tools, putting together a draft and involving the members throughout the process. Clarence explained that communication is key.

The Committee will meet again in two weeks in the First Nation.

Committee Elder Wood stated, “we need to do this for our children, what will they have once everything is destroyed. Everything we do today will affect our children for seven generations.”

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