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Anishinaabek Council meets on Matters of Life Long Learning (Education)

June 13, 2019

The Anishinaabek Council met on June 11, 2019 to discuss the education of their people. Progress on the development of Nation-based, Treaty-based education were presented to the Council for their review. More specifically the establishment of the Life Long Learning (LLL) Secretariat and the work plan moving forward was presented and opened for discussion.

Currently, the First Nations have no local laws that outline their expectations for educational delivery and the plan is to support them to have these laws established. Following the local development, is the intention to review a draft Education Act for the Treaty 2 Territory and provide feedback on its further sanction. Education law development compliments to the work of the overall governance reclamation process underway at the First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNiT2T) government.

In addition to these crucial goals, is the transformation of education to meet the need for added ancestral knowledge, culture and language supports. Currently the educational services for First Nation schools are provided by services providers that are not governed by the FNiT2T. As no other government leaves the services of education to other governments, the intention is to create services specifically to focus on the First Nations in the Treaty 2 territory and governed by the FNiT2T. The LLL Secretariat is in talks with the existing entities that are currently providing services and has offered the opportunity to partner and work collaboratively in the interest of education in the territory. School sports was another area of development that was highlighted for the Councils input and direction.

In addition, the goal to establish a Life Long Learning post-secondary institute to be located in the Treaty 2 Territory was also discussed. The Anishinaabek Council was informed that talks with existing post-secondary institutes that are located in the Treaty 2 territory have begun and there is a strong interest by these external institutes to support the vision for the FNiT2T. Programs that are intrinsic to the governance development will be the first to be established, but as the institute grows, so will its offering of courses.

The Anishinaabek Council were also introduced to the educational development and role of Knowledge-keepers. It is the intention of the LLL Secretariat to establish a Knowledge-keepers Circle to support program development, delivery and further accreditation. Establishment of the Knowledge-Keepers Circle will transform as the goals for education evolve in the Treaty 2 territory and it is expected that it will not be arduous, as the territory has many knowledge-keepers already providing and involved in the FNiT2T.

The Anishinaabek Council were highly supportive for the goals of the LLL Secretariat and provide thoughtful feedback and direction. The meeting was considered as very positive and with that, the work will follow in the same respect.

Last modified: June 20, 2019

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