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First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNiT2T) finds the Burning of Tipi at Brandon University an Act of Genocide

June 13, 2019

Brandon, Treaty 2 Territory – The FNiT2T is disturbed at the racist act of violence in the burning of a tipi last night at Brandon University and within the Treaty 2 Territory. The hate crime definitely demonstrates that the relationship with Indigenous people requires more intensified measures of reconciliation. The Original people to our land considers the tipi as a sacred lodge and home to their families, where their most valued members are protected, their children. The tipi is where the ‘home fire’ is nourished by the leaders of the lodge, the Ikwewak, the women, also recognized the clan mothers of the Nation. Our women still wear long skirts to represent the tipi lodge in respect of its role for the families and the nation.

Burning the tipi at Brandon University demonstrates a blatant disrespect for the tipi lodge of the Ikwewak and a violation of the nationhood. Ikwewak Council Chair, Charlotte Nepinak stated, “These acts of genocide must be called out and addressed; it is no different than burning a family home and sends a message of the deliberate destruction to our people especially to our women and children.”

The recent Murdered and Missing Women and Girls (MMIWG) Commission identified 231 recommendations to address the issue of treatment and violence against Indigenous women and girls that has led to deliberate acts of genocide. The act of violence in burning the tipi at the Brandon University is one that perpetuates the violence against women.

The FNiT2T Governing Council is deeply disturbed that this violence continues to be demonstrated in the front lawns of an academic institution. Clearly the public needs to be educated and be reminded that there were great sacrifices that our peoples endured in allowing the Settlement and Immigration of the newcomers to our territories.

For reconciliation to progress peacefully, it is the role of the Settlers to take responsibility to address the racist behaviours of those who continue to disrespect the Indigenous nations.

Last modified: June 14, 2019

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