Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Sharing the Reclamation of Governance with Brandon University Students

June 17, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – First Nation in Treaty 2 Territory (FNiT2T) Norman Bone, Chief of the Keeseekoowenin Ojibway Nation and Boh Kubrakovich, Senior Official of the FNiT2T provided a presentation for the students attending Native Studies course through PENT (Program for the Education of Native Students) at Brandon University on June 17, 2019. This would be the second presentation made to the PENT students, the first being provided by Dr. Betty Lynxleg, Director for the FNiT2T Life Long Learning (LLL) Secretariat, on April 11, 2019. Jason Bone, instructor for both classes is a member of Keeseekoowenin and had did some work with the FNiT2T prior to his teaching assignment; he knew first-hand how valuable it was to have the students made aware of the information of the FNiT2T.

The presentations that were provided to the students gave them knowledge on the FNiT2T in reclaiming its sovereign nationhood prior to the making of the number treaties in the late 1800s. Students were given the awareness of the First Nations title prior to the Settlers coming to immigrate to their lands. As well, students were given an overview of the history that transpired after the Treaties were made and the enforcement of the Indian Act (IA) legislation, which had not been mentioned at time of the Treaty. Students learned of the impacts the IA had on the original ways of First Nations governance and its continued negative control it still has on the First Peoples.   

More significantly the students were enlightened in the reclamation process the First Nation in the Treaty 2 Territory are taking in returning to their true nationhood and ways of governing.

Students were presented with the background on the current FNiT2T Government, and the structure its forming as it moves toward a permanent model outside of the Indian Act legislation. The presentations that were provided to both classes emphasized the return of governance back to the original peoples and their determination to make that happen, regardless of the political party that comes into office to represent the Crown.

In both classes, the students had many questions and were very interested in move the FNiT2T was taking. Students were surprised to realize that the FNiT2T was leading the way across the country of Canada and that many other First Nations were beginning to shape their government formation based on their Treaty territories. Chief Norman Bone told the students, “We have evolved into a solid government, however, much more work is needed, and we are in the process of getting our people more involved and driving the process of governance change.” He went on to say, “In doing this ground work we are laying the foundation to return to the original understanding by our people. We want the Treaty implemented as was promised, which has yet to happen, but we will do it through the FNiT2T.”

As Brandon University (BU) is within the Treaty 2 Territory, it was timely that both of the Native Studies classes lead by Jason Bone were provided with this information. It is expected that as the information spreads throughout the halls of BU, the representatives of the FNiT2T will be providing more presentations like these. To learn more about the FNiT2T, please visit our website

Last modified: June 19, 2019

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