Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Elders Council discuss Governance and Wellbeing

June 18, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – Elders in Council discuss Governance and WellbeingOur Council of Elders and Knowledge Keepers met regarding governance that included a review of current processes and new steps forward.

The current FNiT2T structure has been in operation since becoming the Government of FNIT2T. First Nations realize the Indian Act is a tool of destruction to our sovereign inherent ways of governing and is full of discrimination.

The FNIT2T through its Law Making process is a way that will bring the people back to ‘The Day Before’ the treaties were made. Prior to any treaty there was sovereign self governing. Our First Nations have never really lost this however with FNIT2T it has been silenced for 148 years. However the Elders Council has been working hard to bring back traditions which include the inherent right to self govern.

Right now each First Nation within the Treaty 2 Territory has the ability to be a ‘Nation-based Treaty-Based’ Government.

It has been recommended to transform the FNiT2T structure, indigenizing and giving All Councils more responsibility to carry out the mandates of the Grand Council (the people). Chairpeople of each Council will sit at the Governing Council, the Law Making process will be made up of all Councils involved including the passing of laws still at the Grand Council level. Secretariats have been renamed to shorten titles and turned into Circles along with aligning the technical staff positions.

Now next step is with the Governing Council with the recommendations the Elders Council has made.

As well, the Elders Council has put forward a recommendation to implement a lateral kindness throughout FNiT2T in order to address the damage and Intergenerational trauma that has resulted in the use of lateral violence. This is necessary and is a part of our healing process.

The Council also discussed child and family services and stated that we need to bring back our ways, our standards in order to stop apprehensions and birth alerts. 

Last modified: June 19, 2019

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