Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Sharing the Reclamation of Governance and Law with CIRP, Manitoba

June 19, 2019

First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory – Today, the FNiT2T Government staff presented to the Certificate of Indigenous Relations Program (CIRP) participants, a program offered by the Province of Manitoba. The participants are employed in various areas with the Province of Manitoba such as sustainable development, conservation, environment and other areas such as the Status of Women. Today’s program agenda focused on Indigenous law and Canadian law.

FNiT2T presented on FNiT2T Government and Law Making. It was explained that FNiT2T is a collective government formally established a year ago (12 June 2019) after 20 plus years in the making. The FNiT2T Government is currently made up of eleven (11) First Nations within the Treaty 2 Territory.

The other half of the presentation provided spoke to the origin of Indigenous peoples and the existence of ancestral laws prior to entering into Treaty. When carrying out law development in the First Nations, where we come from must be learned as has been stated by knowledge holders. Our laws, our way of being, our governance structure, our matriarchal structure to name a few, had been interrupted by colonization and assimilation. We are simply reducing ancestral laws to written form. Ancestral laws still exist and are being practiced where possible. Non-indigenous peoples must also inform themselves about Indigenous history. Ultimately laws are created by the people, for the people. 

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