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Niibin – time of gathering of many Nations

June 21, 2019

Our peoples have lived by the law of the land. Our elders say the land is our constitution. Some of us created stone medicine wheels on the ground so we could follow the rounds of the sun and the moon. For women it is the water.

On the longest day sunlight we express our gratitude for our existence and ask for continued existence. This can be done with a pinch of tobacco or this can be done in a collective celebration. Next solstice we will ensure we have a collective celebration as we are restoring our ancestral ways of being. Sundance season is here and many sacrifice water and food for that good life. Summer is a time for gathering and assuring alliances for all our children and those yet to come. 

We also need to remember the word “Summer Solstice” is a Latin/English interpretation. Decolonizing is key in restoration of who we really are. FNIT2T is committed to decolonizing and restoration.

Niibin in Anishinabemowin is a time of gathering of many Nations. The ceremony is  usually for 4 days and is more of a time of teaching and kinship. It is normally the largest of the Waabanowin ceremonies in the number of people. The ceremony starts at dusk with the lighting of the Mishi-ishkode or sacred fire. These are ways of life and being provided to our people that are sacred and honorable. There was never anything wrong about them. It’s time to restore them to bring the balance back.

By Lorie Thompson, Director CFEFCNW

Last modified: June 21, 2019

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