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Gathering held at Ebb and Flow for MMIWG

June 25, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – Today is a day to commemorate, remember, and honor the many missing and murdered life givers of Ebb and Flow First Nation in Treaty 2 Territory.

Our ancestral matriarchs were the holder of the tipi and the first teacher of the children who are the center. It is time to restore the true role of our life givers, grandmothers, girls and two-spirited.  

Strong, loving, and tireless women of Ebb and Flow  First Nation worked very hard in order to bring the beautiful commemoration gathering together.

Chief Wayne Desjarlais humbly shared his support of the hard work carried out by the women and kept his words brief so the women could use their voices today.

We all have a responsibility to support the many who are grieving and healing. These life givers had dreams and hopes that have tragically been taken away and they are all longed for everyday, never forgotten.

The indigenous female, two-spirit, human being is not disposable. They are to be protected and provided for. “We as warriors have failed our women and it’s time for us to step up and do our jobs.” stated Councillor Darren Mousseau 

The women who organized the commemoration also thanked the men who support them because we all need each other .

“Help one another, let others know who you are hanging out with so people know where you are, take pictures, we are all sisters no matter what race we are, we all need to keep each other safe.” expressed Councillor Margaret Racette

The FNiT2T will be hosting a MMIWG Inquiry Final Report Information Forum in July 2019 in Dauphin, watch for the notice.

Beautiful commemoration Ebb and Flow First Nation. We honor you and your loved ones you made this day possible for.

Last modified: June 26, 2019

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