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Establishment of Trilateral Partnership – FNiT2T, FortWhyte Alive and NACC

June 27, 2019

FNiT2T – It’s exciting just thinking of the opportunities that we can create with a trilateral partnership.

The three parties will draft a partnership agreement that will officially establish the Trilateral Partnership. This will be used to support any proposals project that we can work on together.

From the FNiT2T, there will be two sides of the partnership. The Collective Economic Development business perspective and the Life Long Learning perspective which includes education and training. From this perspective the Life Long Learning Centre will facilitate the delivery of FortWhyte Alive and NACC (Northern Association of Community Councils) workshops and curriculum. The business economics side will implement the sustainable farming model and all the curriculum and manuals into the operations of First Farms.

A business plan will be drafted within the next month that will identify the economics of the Trilateral Partnership. This will identify start up cost and any capital investments in needed infrastructure and fixed assets, such as buildings, greenhouse, ext. The business plan will also identify cost of operations of the farming business and projected sales.

By Ryan Sutherland, Director Collective Economic Development

Last modified: June 29, 2019

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