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First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory and Canada Protocol & Recognition Table – mutually addressing Governance & Unfinished Business continues

June 28, 2019

First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNiT2T) senior representatives met with Canada’s senior representatives on 26/27 June 2019.  Tobacco was passed in order to open up the meeting in a good with seeking guidance for the meeting process.

Several topics had been discussed:

The recent passing of the federal Bills, C-91 Languages Act and C-92 Child Welfare Act which will need more discussion during the summer with the local Nations and FNiT2T. Other bills passed and not passed such as the C-262 UNDRIP were briefly mentioned by Canada. FNiT2T will be carrying out a review of this to prepare for the members during the Grand Council gathering on August 20/21 at Lake Manitoba.

FNiT2T provided an update in reflection of the year passing of FNiT2T Government since it was formalized in June 2018.

Canada was informed that the FNiT2T structure is being decolonized with using our circle world view focused structure in order to get away from colonized, assimilation and Indian Act influences.  Discussion took place concerning the language and mindset that is used which needs to change because what FNiT2T is doing is working to restore our Inherent (ancestral and original rights we are born with as First Nations) and Treaty rights what has been taken away that must be supported by Canada through its Treaty promises and obligations. Our ancestral laws already exist, but we are placing them in writing.

FNiT2T Government and local Nation are not “selling out”. In fact the opposite is what is being worked on to date. There is nothing to sell out but there is everything we have lost through Treaty and Indian Act to reclaim, get back, receive compensation for and restore.

Discussion took place concerning the funding transfer payments that Canada provides will flow to the local Nations and FNiT2T Government. The intent of FNiT2T is to remove the middle administrative bodies such as the regional Indigenous Services Canada office so that all the funding goes to the local Nations.

Completing and agreeing on a term sheet with Canada is required. FNiT2T Government firstly recognizes Canada as a treaty partner of Treaty No. 2, 1871. The term sheet will be used to have Canada also recognize FNiT2T Government as a formal government and not a Provincial Territorial Organization (PTO). It was made clear that FNiT2T is continuing to develop the foundation of its government through the people; law Development (local and territorial); unfinished Treaty business and taking back the lands that belong to the original people of Treaty 2.

A presentation was provided from Canada’s Fiscal Directorate staff member who provided Fiscal Policy for Self-Government process. This policy has been drafted by the 25 First Nations who already have self-government agreements and ISC staff. The December 2017 draft policy is awaiting Ministerial review and approval. It is unknown if the policy will be approved before the federal election.  More discussion is required on it.

Work continued on the term sheet process of the annexes with both FNiT2T and Canada reviewing, editing and finalizing into version 4.0. The following annexes continue to be worked on;

  • Understanding the Self-Governing Original Peoples as represented by the First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory Government
  • Unfinished Treaty Business regarding Lands Taken Up for Settlement and Immigration, Resources, Fiscal Arrangements and Fulfilment of Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Nation Development
  • Children, Families and Nation
  • Life Long Learning
  • Care and Protection of the Natural World
  • Collective Economic Development
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Internal and External Relations
  • Justice and Peacekeeping
  • Other Areas

The Treaty promise of providing School houses discussion continued. Canada knows this must be dealt with making sure schools are built and operating properly in each of our First Nations within Treaty 2 Territory as well as the Life Long Learning Centre.

FNiT2T looks forward to continuing these discussions in September 2019.

Last modified: July 7, 2019

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