Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Dauphin River Elders and Governance committee engage with Children, Families, Nation and Law Development

July 10, 2019

Dauphin River, Treaty 2 Territory – Today’s community engagement session was to discussion Children, Families, Nations and Well-being, Life Long Learning, and Ancestral Law Development.

Opening the meeting was by Elder Stagg.  She also accepted the FNT2T flag and official map of the territory given to the Governance office in Dauphin River presented by Senior Official Boh Kubrakovich. He stated the process is for the First Nation, the collective government of FNT2T supports what is happening locally.

During the engagement focus was on the agenda presented with members asking questions, making comments and being part of the entire process.

“Wabung was created by Manitoba Brotherhood to kill the white paper and to continue supporting our treaties”, Said Elder Emery Stagg, Former Chief of Dauphin River for 30 years.

Lorie Thompson presented on the timeline on what has happened for over 300 years. Today is about you and this belongs to you.  We are helpers today, this process is your process not the FNT2T, said Lorie Thompson, Director CFN.

Betty Lynxleg talked about the NRTA and the treaty is with the Crown – Canada not with the provinces.  This is through the Indian Act not the treaty.  “This process isn’t just about us its about the next seven generations”, Said Betty Lynxleg.

She discussed the Life Long Learning and the work the Secretariat is working on.  There will be sub laws that will be coming forward for local law making.  Right now you are not control of the education, the Province of Manitoba is still controlling through Frontier School system.

More to report on….

Last modified: July 11, 2019

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