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Message from the Ikwewak (Women) Council/ Grandmothers of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNT2T) MMIWG, Genocide, Restoring our Matriarchal Purpose and addressing all forms of Violence

July 13, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – Our children, families and Nations are sacred. Life givers are the matriarchs of our Nations. Matriarchs are the head of the home and family. We are first teachers and nurturers. Older matriarchs are ancestrally identified as clan mothers or grandmothers who directed and guided the clan leaders of the tribe. Matriarchs were profoundly involved in every aspect of life of the tribe or Nation.

Canada’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) Inquiry Final Report finds that what has happened to our women, girls and two-spirits is genocide. Our matriarchal roles were interrupted through male colonial settler law and policy. Canada must make things right with us in order to heal from the genocide, intergenerational trauma, loss of language, identity, culture, and restoring our matriarchal purpose.

The violence continues against our women, girls and two-spirited. We held a sharing circle today on the land and received many disclosures of continued lateral, sexual, home, workplace, verbal and mental violence coming from both our men and women. The Council and Grandmothers have talked together and will be putting things in place in order to address these disclosures in a safe, respectful, kind and mindful way.

The teaching lodge that was started at the Medicine Eagle Camp last weekend will be taken down and a lodge will be put up under the direction and guidance of the Clan Grandmothers of the camp who will decide who will be involved.

We will keep being guided by the land, Mother Earth she is our constitution, the water, the animals, the trees, all of creation so safe space for heal is there for us now and so the next generations to come will not have to continue the violence that has happened and is still happening.

Medicine Eagle Camp

The FNT2T Ikwewak will be hosting a MMIWG Final Inquiry Report Information Session on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 at the Dauphin Friendship Centre 210-1st Ave NE. This is a safe and zero waste gathering. All are welcome.

Last modified: July 13, 2019

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