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Collective Economic Development, Indigenous Agriculture and Food Systems Initiative Partnership Established

July 26, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – On Friday July 26th, 2019, FNT2T Lead Official Boh Kubrakovich and Director Collective Economic Development Ryan Sutherland, met with FortWhyte President and CEO Liz Wilson, FortWhyte Vice President Ian Barnett, Assiniboine Community College (ACC) staff Gerald Cathcart Coordinator – Business Development, ACC Lorraine Johnson Chairperson – Contract Training, and Northern Association of Community Councils (NACC) Linda Payeur Executive Director to formalize our partnership and discuss our Project Concept paper to Indigenous Agriculture and Food System Initiative.

FortWhyte, ACC, and NACC has each provided a signed Partnership Support Letter aimed at the Initiative and the Project Concept Paper will be submitted by Friday August 2nd, 2019. This is our second meeting, together we discussed the current opportunity and other potential economic development ideas.

Left to Right: Ian Barnet, Ryan Sutherland, and Linda Payeur

In Partnership, we have developed a project concept around current programs and operations that we believe is a solution to food security in Treaty 2 Territory. The project concept paper is based on developing a central location where we will train people from communities in Treaty 2 Territory, we will develop their capacity to manage a sustainable farm model. We will then support and assist our trained people to move into the communities to develop sustainable farm model. This is the foundation of our project concept paper.

This Partnership is key to increasing economic development opportunities of Indigenous Peoples and communities on Treaty 2 Territory. This initiative will support Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs who are ready to launch agriculture and food systems projects and others who want to build their capacity to participate in the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector. FortWhyte, ACC, and NACC will assist to embrace the partnership opportunity and is willing to support the initiative through its development and implementation.

FNiT2T Senior Official Boh Kubrakovich and Senior staff Ryan Sutherland, presented FortWhyte President and CEO Liz Wilson, FortWhyte Vice President Ian Barnett with the Treaty 2 Flag, this will be put up in the FortWhyte Farms Building.

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