Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Continuing the engagement of our First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory law building process

July 31, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – Each local Nation has asked Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan – Treaty staff through a resolution in August and September 2018 to come and assist with the development of a First Law (Constitution).

Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan – Treaty 2 initiated a process to build a temporary collective government consisting of self-governing communities/First Nations on 12 June 2018.  This means that each one of the First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory has the opportunity to explore different governance models and the different operational sectors within a government. Once the people of a local Nation develops their first law, they will need to have a referendum (Summer 2020) – some way of establishing publicly that a significant majority of the Nation are in agreement to live by the constitution they have established.

Be Part of Rebuilding Our Nation and Exercising Our Right to Govern ourselves through a Nation based Treaty based government.

Once we have a majority of local Nations with their ratified first law, they will be able to continue to send their respective representatives to develop a collective permanent law for all First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory who wish to be a part of the collective government to take advantage of collective rights and interests in lands, resources and waters. The FNT2T temporary government continues to restore jurisdiction within our Territory and continue to build our own institutions and identify principles, mechanisms and a process to attain exercise our right to govern ourselves in Treaty 2 Territory.

For further information please contact the staff of the temporary government responsible for assisting communities to develop their own constitutional government.

Last modified: August 1, 2019

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