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Tootinaowaziibeeng celebrates treaty days with annual powwow

August 1, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – The 2019 Treaty celebrations in Tootinaowaziibeeng started off with the honour from the crown since 1875 for Tootinaowaziibeeng and their people.  The five ($5) dollar gift is from the Queen of England and Ireland and every year since the time the Treaty 4 was entered into by Tootinaowaziibeeng in 1875.

Tootinaowaziibeeng, a Treaty Nation celebrates life both as a Treaty 4 Nation and in the Treaty 2 Territory Nation land base. Numbering the Treaties had been issued by the Crown as a colonial administrative tool. Treaty is Treaty.

Tootinaowaziibeeng, who has joined the Government of FNT2T is a very strong and vibrant Nation with traditional territory that includes the Duck Mountains and Riding Mountain where their ancestors lived their lives.

Today they celebrated their Annual celebrations with a Traditional Powwow.  Over 100 dancers came into the grand entry at their arbour with full regalia and dancing to the drum so proudly.

“I am honoured today to see so many of our youth and people dancing today.  The drum is strong here in Tootinaowaziibeeng and we as leaders are truly honoured our people stand by us today”, said Chief Barry McKay.

Chief Norman Bone, Chief Wayne Desjarlais, Stella Bone (WRCFS) and Lori Nepinak (WRTC) also attended the grand entry and were honoured to be part of today’s celebration.  Year after year the Chiefs and the WRTC Directors have supported fellow Chief and one of our very own Nations within the treaty territory.

Last modified: August 3, 2019

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