Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

IRTC Chiefs met with Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) RDG MB Region

August 2, 2019

Chief Cornell McLean, Vice Chair of the FNT2T Government and Chair of the Interlake Reserve Tribal Council (IRTC) called the meeting to order on Friday, August 2, 2019 to discuss the long standing and legacy issues to be fully addressed  with the Crown through her administrator ISC.  

ISC Manitoba Region continues to carry out the historical Indian Agent role in administering available funding for program and services but,  has been given notice that ISC must change it’s ways.  

“We have a Nation based Treaty based government that must be respected and must be dealt with differently by Canada and the Crown”, said Chief McLean.

The longstanding and legacy issues that were brought up today was the following;1) Flooding of 2011; 2) Forced to use capital to fix the growing needs of each Nation; 3) Forced social issues and gaps because of the flood; 4) Issues with Manitoba and Manitoba Hydro not being at the table to discuss issues; 5) Tripartite agreements not working with Manitoba being involved; and 6) Required improvement of communication and follow-up by ISC; 7) Outstanding Treaty obligations

“The Manitoba Region has no respect for us and we go directly to Ottawa, treaty based relationships need to be more respected”, said Chief Woodhouse who also is a Vice Chief for the FNT2T Government.

The Interlake Reserve Tribal Council has six (6) First Nations all located within the Treaty 2 Territory.

Last modified: August 3, 2019

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