Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Transformation on FNT2T governance – sovereignty and ancestral lawing making

August 8, 2019

Treaty 2 territory – The First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory Government (FNT2T) has been formally established as of 12 June 2018, which is now made up of eleven (11) First Nation members: Dauphin River First Nation, Ebb & Flow First Nation, Gamblers First Nation; Keeseekoowenin First Nation, Lake Manitoba First Nation, Lake St. Martin First Nation, Little Saskatchewan First Nation, O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi First Nation, Pinaymootang First Nation, Sandy Bay First Nation, and Skownan First Nation.

The established structure is a growing fluid structure that will evolve and transform as needed, especially with implementing decolonization efforts in order to restore original and ancestral structures and ways of being where we are able to recognize ourselves within this structure. 

At our Governing Council on Wednesday, 7 August 2019 in Lake Manitoba, it was passed through resolution 2019-08-07-001 that the following Councils be established or continued; Grand Council, Chiefs Council (Chiefs, Grand Chief, Executive Council), Knowledge Council, Men Council, Women Council and Youth Council.  The Governing Council will now be made of the following; Chiefs Council, Chairperson from the following; Knowledge Council, Men Council, Women Council and Youth Council.

All other forms of government and structure will stay the same. From time to time advisory committees shall be created for each of our Governing Circles which will continue with the following; Children, Families and Nation, Games and Sports Advisory, Life Long Learning Advisory and Natural World Advisory.

Today marks a special day as Dakota Tipi Chief Eric Pashe attends the FNT2T Grand Council to listen and observe as his Nation prepares to joins the FNT2T Government.

The resolution 2019-08-07-001 was moved by Chief Garnett Woodhouse, Pinaymootang First Nation and seconded by Chief Cornell Mclean, Lake Manitoba First Nation.

The current FNT2T Governance structure was also reviewed by the FNT2T Elders Council on June 18, 2019 and that the following transformation revisions be implemented as follows:

FNT2T Secretariats revised to > FNT2T Circle Arrangement
Community Development and Relations including Membership NATION & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE
Children, Families, Extended Family, Community, Nation Wellbeing CHILDREN, FAMILIES AND NATIONS CIRCLE
Lifelong Learning, Training, Human Development and Meaningful Futures including Culture and Language LIFE LONG LEARNING CIRCLE
Care and Protection of the Natural World: Rehabilitation, Restoration, Lands, Waters & Resources CARE AND PROTECTION OF THE NATURAL WORLD CIRCLE
Health Wellbeing – fulfillment of Fiduciary Responsibilities HEALTH AND WELLBEING CIRCLE
Intergovernmental Relations and External Relations INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL RELATIONS CIRCLE
Justice, Peacekeeping, Safety, including Search and Rescue JUSTICE AND PEACEKEEPING CIRCLE

The Elders Council of FNT2T discusses at length and recommended the adoption of a circle structure because it reflects that no one is above and no one is below. “As elders we help the young people to know about who we are and this is important for all us to know.” stated Elder Mary Houle of Ebb & Flow First Nation.

The positions/titles for each be transformed as follows: Secretary to Circle Keepers, Community Developer to Circle Developer, Advocate to Family Circle Helper and Governance Coordinator to Circle Coordinator.

“We made history today, our government keeps moving toward nation-based treaty-based and is well on its way for the people with our new steps today”, said Chief Norman Bone, Keeseekoowenin Ojibway Nation.

The revised FNT2T Government structure was accepted by the FNT2T Governing Council as presented in order to build a structure that restores our original ancestral structures through decolonization.

“Change and decolonization takes time after 148 years under the Indian Act and mistreated by our treaty partners.  This process we witnessed today really helps us with self-determination and governing ourselves no one else will govern our Nation, said Chief Cornell Mclean, Lake Manitoba First Nation.

Nothing about us without us, in unity we remain!


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