Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Transition into Regional Offices a way toward restoration of original governance and self-determination

August 9, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – The First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNT2T) are working toward restoration of original governance and self-determination.  The Governing Council (Council of Chiefs) is unified in rebuilding the Treaty 2 Territory and sanctioned the FNT2T Government on 12 June 2018.

A local Nation (First Nation), is made up of one main collective of individuals which is the fundamental unit of a government, in the past the First Nations choose to unite to form a tribal council while the Treaty 2 Territory formed a government.

Our local Nations are evolving beyond just local control and are moving toward restoration of jurisdiction over their affairs in all matters and through the process of development will retransform into a different way of governing and operating. The role of the Tribal Councils must evolve to support the development we are currently witnessing in the Treaty 2 Territory.

Moving forward the work is tremendous and we must look at new approaches, which means embedding the Treaty 2 Territory Regional Offices within the circle of the Government of FNT2T to better meet the current demand for our new Nation-based Treaty-based Government.

Working in unity is key and we have started the process on the future development as a collaborative process said the Governing Council. This happened by way of resolution 2019-08-07-007 moved by Chief Norman Bone (Chair of WRTC), Keeseekoowenin Ojibway Nation and seconded by Chief Cornell McLean (Chair of IRTC), Lake Manitoba First Nation.

The Government of FNT2T has started the process that all necessary actions are carried out in order to have the Tribal Councils within the Treaty 2 Territory join and be integrated into the Government of FNT2T structure under the regional office development so that we are all able to be unified and able to serve our people in a good and effective way. The key is to get the infrastructure, programs and services directly to the Nations and people.

Last modified: August 10, 2019

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