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Creating Nation Profiles

August 10, 2019

Treaty 2 territory – One of the goals for Nation Development is to establish a profile for each of the member First Nations. The purpose of the profile is to provide a general description of the Nation, it’s history, its governing system, an outline of general statistical information, companies owned by the Nation, programs and services offered locally and the affiliations to other organizations, etc; and any additional information the community wishes to present publicly.

Canada’s department of Indigenous Affairs Canada compiles First Nations profiles primarily based on statistical information it receives and based on the reports for the funding issued to the First Nation, but those profiles are not inclusive of intrinsic information the First Nation may want included, such as its history, historical photos, or development that has happened outside of government funding; all of which is important to the people of the Nation. 

The governance development process that is unfolding in the member Nations requires that a Nation profile is created to present a visual an informational overview of the community. This profile will provide a good understanding of where the community has come from, and highlight the current status of the community. Each Nation will develop a community profile to be hosted on their website (being created) in-tune with their constitutional development process. 

To begin collecting some of the visuals to create the profile, FNT2T staffer, Betty Lynxleg was out in the Interlake region on Friday August 9, 2019, with her camera capturing images to begin establishing the Nation profiles. The pictures she captured will begin the development of the Nation profiles; expect to see Betty and other FNT2T staff in your community shooting pictures to host on the profile. A sample of the pictures caught have been included, but are in no way inclusive of all the images that should be presented. The FNT2T encourage members to provide other pictures that could be hosted in the profiles.  Members can forward their pictures or stories of the community to the local Nation Coordinator. As well, any additional information that should be included, is appreciated; lets create those profiles! Kitchi-miigwich. 

Last modified: August 22, 2019

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