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Lateral Kindness – Zero Lateral Violence

August 10, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory –Kindness is a teaching that is part of who we are as First Nations people. We have been given instructions to treat everything with love, respect, truth, honesty, wisdom, courage and humility. This is who we are meant to be.

Lateral violence is carried out when bullying, gossip, intimidation, and harassment happens. The cycle of abuse of lateral violence is rooted in colonization, oppression, intergenerational trauma, racism and discrimination.

As a result of colonization and residential school, First Nations people have now become the oppressor and within the workplace or community they now direct lateral violence based on aspects such as gender, culture, sexuality, and profession. Lateral violence cause health problems for the individual being targeted.

Lateral violence is carried out due to lack of education and awareness. We must teach each other why we are the way we are. An internal resolution process is needed for addressing lateral violence and using a sharing circle protocol will be used.

Other forms of violence need to be addressed as well such as MMIWGT, drugs and addiction.

The Elders Council met on June 18, 2019 and discussed forms of violence which included lateral violence and recommend:

1) education and awareness be provided;

2) a lateral kindness policy be developed and implemented, and

3) myths that cause lateral violence be addressed

 so that these tools assist in creating safer spaces in our Nations and workplaces.

The Governing in Council is calling for FNT2T to be a zero-lateral violence territory. In order to heal we must all take responsibility for being kind, mindful and respectful to one another through resolution 2019-08-07-002 moved by Chief Cornell McLean, Lake Manitoba First Nation, seconded by Chief Norman Bone, Keeseekoowenin First Nation.

The Governing Council direct the recommendation of the Elders Council be carried out to create an education and awareness initiative, 2) develop and implement lateral kindness policy, and 3) address the myths that cause lateral violence so that environments are safe in our Nations and workplaces.

Last modified: August 20, 2019

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