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Children, Families & Nation Wellbeing Restoration of Jurisdiction and Law Development

August 12, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – Our children are sacred and the centre of the family and Nation. Our responsibility for our children, families and Nation has never been handed over to anyone. We know what we need to do in order to live a good life. A human being must know who they are through their family and Nation. The identity, language and way of being for a child is necessary in order for them to pursue their life purpose.

Laws have been forced on First Nations to remove our children from our care and away from their families and communities, which interrupted our Inherent jurisdiction and responsibility over our children.  This is now changing.

The FNT2T Government established an Women Council that carries the responsibility to advise on addressing issues concerning child, family and Nation wellness through: 1) law development through restoring our oral ancestral laws and ways of being, 2) education and awareness, 3) Nation participation and engagement sessions and 4) establishing relationships to restore our jurisdiction over our families and children, and 5) other means as recommended.

The FNT2T Government continues collectively to independently address the responsibility of our children, families and Nations through law development outside of existing bodies such as PTO’s and advocacy groups. Restoration of our jurisdiction and law development will take place through FNT2T Government.

The Governing Council has directed the Women Council to oversee law development, which will apply within the Treaty 2 Territory, and wherever our children are. We will restore our jurisdiction and replace all other external laws through resolution 2019-08-07-006 moved by Chief Wayne Desjarlais, Ebb and Flow First Nation and seconded by Chief Norman Bone, Keeseekoowenin First Nation.

It was further discussedthat the FNT2T Government direct that a support mechanism is established to meet the needs of children and families within Treaty 2 Territory and the local Nations, which includes building respectful relationships with child welfare agencies and providing system (child welfare, justice, health etc.) navigation and advocacy services to children, families and Nations.

Last modified: August 21, 2019

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