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Celebrating our Treaty of 1871 with the Crown

August 21, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory –Today the Knowledge Council met to discuss the 21 August 1871 treaty with a pipe ceremony at Percy/Mary Houle’s residence. They have been hosting such celebration for many years.

“We must continue to protect and education our treaty partners about the treaty as this gives us the ability to protect our territory moving our own government forward”, said Knowledge Council Chair Louie Malcolm, Ebb and Flow. Elders who attended echo such statement as they continued to tell stories and discuss the treaty today.

Treaty 2 was entered into on 21 August 1871 at Manitoba House, Rupertsland with Representatives of the Queen of England and Ireland. The original Anishinaabe (Chippewa and Cree), who were present constitute Treaty 2 today.

The original text during the making of Treaty 2 extends north of Treaty No.1 territory, along the east shore of Lake Winnipeg to Berens River, across to the Dauphin River along the water ways up to the northern tip of Waterhen Lake, across the Winnipegosis north of Duck Bay(old Duck Bay Reserve), then to the source of the Shell River in Duck Mountains along the Assiniboine to the Moose Mountains in southeastern Saskatchewan across the international border up by Brandon then to White Mud river across over to the Drunken River, then to Winnipeg River where it started.

The territory includes 8,676,828 hectares of land (21,440,909 acres). Included within the territory are many mountains, rivers and lakes which include; Riding Mountain, Duck Mountain, Turtle Mountain, Hecla/ Grindstone, and Moose Mountain and many lakes that were not part of the discussion at treaty such as Dauphin Lake, Clear Lake, Childs Lake, south basin of Lake Winnipegosis and Lake Winnipeg and north basin of Lake Manitoba. Today’s largest city located in Treaty 2 is Brandon, then Dauphin. There are many towns and RM’s located within the territory today.

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