Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Grand Council and Treaty Gathering at Animozeebeeng Anishinaabe Nation (Lake Manitoba) August 27-28, 2019

August 29, 2019

OPENING CEREMONIES –The sacred fire was lit and burned throughout the gathering. The drum, the heartbeat of Mother Earth was sounded and songs sung.  The pipes were lifted and the water ceremony was carried out each morning during the gathering. Tobacco was offered to everyone who provided their prayers that went into the sacred fire and the end of the first day. These are all ancestral ways we have been given in order to honor where we originally come from and to give thanks, ask for guidance and nourish ourselves with the water as we continue to strive to achieve a good way of life for and with each other.

THE SACREDNESS & IMPORTANCE OF WOMEN –Grand Chief Eugene Eastman opened up the Gran Council by sharing about the loss of his wife, his soul mate and that the men must honor the women.

ARE THE MEN AS WARRIORS DOING ENOUGH TO PROTECT OUR WOMEN, GIRLS AND TWO-SPIRITED? –Councillor Darren Mousseau of Ebb and Flow First Nation made a promise that he would always ask if the men as warriors are doing enough to protect the women, girls and two-spirited at every Council and gathering he attends. This is something that needs to take place so that the epidemic of MMIWGT is addressed successfully.


The Nation Development Circle is carrying out the First Law (Constitutional) Development. A template created by the Nations is in the process of being developed which will serve as a guide for the FNT2T Government and the local Nations. Our local Nations will fully participate in this development process. We have oral laws that we are putting on paper. The First Law (Constitution) will be required to be approved by the people of the FNT2T Nations.

Economic Development is also included in the Nation Development Circle. There are several initiatives being pursued such as the Life Long Learning Centre and the Housing Initiative.

Sports is important to our Nations, we must support our youth through this exciting development in their lives. We have the Winter Games 2020 held in Pinaymootang February 26-29.  Four (4) sports will be included; badminton, basketball, hockey, and snowshoeing.  Teams will be coming from the four directions in the age category of 12-17 years of age.  Our Hockey Night in Treaty 2 is scheduled on December 21, 2019 with the host team, Dauphin Kings playing Waywayseecappo Wolverines.  Celebration of Nations is scheduled for March 2020 in Dauphin, Treaty 2 Territory.

Children, Families and Nations Circle –The Province of Manitoba has been scooping our children since 1951. There are about 6000 of FNT2T children in care of the 11,000 in Manitoba. FNT2T Government is currently facilitating a child and family law development process. This process will be carried out in the First Nations. We have always had oral laws and now we are going to be putting them on paper. The approval of this law will be required from the people of the Nations.

Protection of the Natural World Circle –Relationship building is a big part of protecting the Natural World. Zebra mussels are a huge concern in regards to our water and other water life.


The template was provided to the Grand Council and a summary explanation was provided. During 2019, FNT2T Government has held open houses to explain who FNT2T Government is and also to explain the First Law Constitutional Law Development process. Development Committees have been put together. A toolkit has been created that includes a 1) Terms of Reference for the Committee, 2) a roadmap setting out the journey of the First Nation starting at 0-Creation to signing Treaty to where it is now and where it would like to go, 3) a timeline for starting this process to approving and implementing the First Law Constitution. First Nation may consider restoring the ancestral Clan System within their First Nation along with the First Law Constitution.

A break-out session took place and the groups discussed the First Law Constitutional Development. Each group provided a presentation regarding their discussions that provided valuable feedback and questions for going forward. Retaining language, healing, addressing everyday poverty challenges, respecting spiritual diversity, ensuring culture is incorporated are a few of the many topics raised by the presenters. This information was collected and will be used to guide the continued First Law Constitutional Development process.

Please check out our report here


FNT2T Grand Council supports Government of FNT2T decisions made during 2018 2019 – the people of the Government of FNT2T, the Grand Council approve and support the work and decisions carried out through the Government of FNT2T for the 2018-2019 year     

FNT2T Councils to carry out First Review of Draft Laws – the FNT2T Councils will carry out the first review of the draft laws prior to the draft laws being presented to each local Nation or Grand Council.

Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan Secretariat granted full mandate to manage business for FNT2T – the FNT2T Grand Council approve Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan Secretariat is approved to be the corporate entity that will manage the general business and administration for the Government of FNT2T.

Implementation of Treaty No. 2 with our Treaty Partner the Crown – the FNT2T Grand Council direct the Government of FNT2T to carry out all necessary work in order to fully implement Treaty No. 2 and all other Treaties.

Addressing Unfinished Treaty Business and getting all Territorial Lands back including receiving Financial Compensation – the Grand Council direct the Government of FNT2T to carry out all work to address the Unfinished Treaty Business process and go after the compensation for land taken up for immigration and settlement that has not be paid for since the time of settlement, immigration and Treaty.

Restoring our Inherent Rights, Supporting Ancestral Law Development, Decolonization, Abolishment of the Indian Act – the FNT2T Grand Council direct the Government of FNT2T to carry out all work necessary in order to restore all our Inherent Rights, support ancestral law development, decolonization and abolish the Indian Act.

The Natural World, Mother Earth, the Water are Living Beings with Inherent Rights to be Protected – the Grand Council First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory deem the Natural World, Mother Earth and the Water, Trees, the Medicines, the Plants, the Minerals and all other resources living beings that are in need of care and protection; and the Grand Council direct the Government of FNT2T to carry out all work required to ensure the Natural World, Mother Earth and the Water, Trees, the Medicines, the Plants, the Minerals and all other resources are cared for and protected.

Mandatory Lateral Kindness Training required for FNT2T Nations and Territory including Chiefs, Councils & Members, Government of FNT2T including Councils and Staff – the Grand Council direct that the FNT2T Nations and Territory including Chiefs, Councils & Members, Government of FNT2T including Councils and Staff be required to participate in lateral kindness training and that lateral kindness training be provided through the FNT2T Government.

Restoration of the Matriarchal Space of our Women and Girls and Two-spirited of FNT2T – the people of the FNT2T Grand Council direct the Government of FNT2T carry out all necessary work to ensure the restoration of the roles of women, girls and two-spirited happens.


Chief Norman Bone of Keesseekowenin First Nation provided the closing address along with Elder Mary Maytwayashing of Lake Manitoba First Nation. The grandmother pipe carriers lead and danced the FNT2T Government Chiefs out during the closing procession.


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