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Blog: Unfinished treaty business, equal Treaty Partnership and New Welcome to the Treaty 2 territory sign

September 6, 2019

Treaty 2 territory – It’s been a very busy and amazing summer for FNT2T.  As you are well aware of the work we do at First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory, you will find the last fews month exciting.  The FNT2T Government’s intentions continues to focus on Uniting the Nation, Unfinished Treaty Business and taking back the territory.

Our website is very informative and very easy to navigate with daily updates and our staff weekly blogs to give you an insight on what is happening with each Council and Circle.  Adding to greatness, we have hired Ray Mousseau from the Ebb and Flow Anishinaabe Nation.  He joins us with a background in language and communications.  Addition we launched our first printed Moccasin Trail News Tabloid.  Going from glossy month Newsletter to biweekly tabloid News has given our members the opportunity now see print in their homes.  Please check out the latest at

We have been filling our Circles Keeper positions as well.  We will be announcing next week our new additions along with our Local Nation Helpers for each of our Nations.  They will be hired to help with the communications, local law development strategy, FNT2T Council rep relations and with each local Nation.

Our Governing Council meet in August and managed to put into resolution the transformational changes of our FNT2T Governance.  All recommendations came from the Chiefs Council and Knowledge (Elders) Council.  The work started with the implementation through resolutions within the current structure.  Our Councils have been defined which include Chiefs, Knowledge, Men, Women and Youth Councils. Committees are Children, Families and Nation, Care and Protection of Natural World and Life Long Learning. We now have Circles instead of Secretariats along with the naming of the new positions as Keepers and Helpers.

We continue with many daily meetings within the territory.  We have been traveling to our local Nations to assist them with law development along with celebrating their treaty days.

An amazing and historic day happened on Tuesday 20 August 2019 on the bank of the Fairford River we put up the first ever Welcome to the Territory sign. Pinaymootang and our Nations in our eastern portion of our territory did a great job welcoming this into reality.

The Grand Council held was a lot of work and very exciting for all involved.  Hats off to our Councils, members and staff for a job well done.  We have already started planning for next year which will be announced on Friday 13 September at our next Governing Council.

Hope you have a great weekend, stay safe and enjoy.

Ekosani, Lead Keeper (Official)

Last modified: September 7, 2019

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