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First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory Seven Steps of Restoration

September 10, 2019

The Nation, First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory, and local Nations assert the right to govern itself through these Seven steps of restoration:


Embracing our original ancestral structures is vital.  We must learn about and understand our history in order to support reclamation.  Providing the members and leaders with the tools of reclamation is key in order for them to be ready to support it. There was never anything wrong with who we originally are.


Along with change, a clear vision is required and understanding at the local Nation level to bring together the members to create such vision.  Mandating change will clearly be in the hands of the members; “no one else will do it for you”.


During the territory mapping process there is a two-fold process; 1) your physical map understanding and 2) knowing where your traditional lands are, territorial lands and your ancestral lands.  Making such map will take time and include all members of your Nation.  The path moving your Nation forward requires a clear vision making sure you document lessons learnt and be able adapt to change.


Learning that you have ancestral and Inherent Rights.  Once you know your rights this process will be easier.  And these rights are not documented anywhere, they are passed on from your knowledge holder members of your Nation from generation to generation.  Other governments around us have attempted to document our rights and continue to fail.  You must empower yourself to understand and learn your rights.


Decolonizing ourselves includes getting out of Canada’s Indian Act.  The Indian Act is a law and policy that came five years after the Treaty with the Crown was made.  Once your pathway out is determined through developing your own Nation’s ancestral laws, the burden of 148 years will be lifted and you will be able prosper the very way the ancestors who entered into Treaty intended.

Self -determination

The principle of Self -determination is very straightforward and has been in existence since the beginning of the human being.  Restoring Self-determination will allow for full participation of Nation members where the vision and mandate of the Nation will be a collective effort.


Life Long learning will assist with the implementation process with your Nation.  Learning the ancestral ways along with a modern approach will help you to implement the change required to move your Nation forward.  You must believe in yourself and your Nation to be able to move forward in a good way.  Being positive about any processes will certainly help you deliver your goals and vision set out.  Learning and preserving your language and your Nations ways begins with yourself.

Last modified: September 10, 2019

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