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Keeper, Natural World Circle enjoying the fall

September 15, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – Boozhoo, Aaniin Niji-Aninishinabek……One of my roles as the Keeper of FNIT2T Natural World Circle is to Blog. First off I am not a blogger, have never blogged, have been accused of talking a lot but never blogging. I’m sure my blogging will improve over time.

Fall is my favourite time of the year, it reminds of when I was kid living in Animooziibing when families would be working diligently getting ready for winter, making sure families had enough wood for the winter, enough food, which meant additional hunting. Although living on the Rez ended for me at a young age, the passion for hunting has never waned from my blood and is an activity that I pursue annually and will continue to do so until its time to hang up the stick and string.

This fall was no different, my son took a week off work to assist with elk camp. We were besieged with rain this year, which made it difficult to hunt, especially with the bow, feathers were drenched from rain, which likely meant erratic arrow flight if an opportunity presented itself. I’ve been a bowhunter for 28-29 years and absolutely enjoy the pursuit or the joy of the hunt. If I were hunting with a rifle my hunts would be over within a couple days, the passion for the hunt is what drives me. It means long hikes in the dark, sometimes for two hours to arrive at a destination where the elk might be calling. The scenery as the natural world awakens with the arrival of sunrise is breathtaking.  Birds start chirping, ducks and geese start calling and if I’ve selected the right area, the Mushkoose start calling as well…even if they are not calling, the immediate sign on the trails tells me they are in the area. What bow hunting has engrained in me is the appreciation of the land, it would be very difficult to gain this appreciation if one does not immerse themselves within the confines as the land awakens. 

This years hunt came to an abrupt end and was suspended due to an accident in camp….I won’t bore you with the details, they’re called accidents for a reason…!

As a Keeper of the Natural World Circle, I have my own ideas of what we need to work on but my role is to reflect and work on what FNT2T members envision as priorities. I still need to meet with our Knowledge (Elders) Council, the Natural World Committee to develop a vision or pick up where Joe Maude has left off. I wish to thank Joe for his hard work and dedication on this file and will count on him for some guidance as I get familiar with my new role. After this I want to meet with the hunters to develop a vision or to listen to hear what their concerns are and seek some common ground on solutions to their concerns……

Ron Missyabit, Keeper – Natural World Circle; email

Last modified: September 23, 2019

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