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Local Nation child and family laws can serve to address Birth Alerts being used hundreds of times a year as a child protection tool by child welfare agencies and health authorities in Manitoba

September 22, 2019

“The practice of birth alerts, also known as hospital alerts, would allow for a flag to be placed on an expectant mother if she was deemed to be “high-risk”. This communication would happen between the child welfare and health authorities, typically without the consent of the mother, placing an alert on her hospital file which would ensure the Ministry (child protection – emphasis added) be called once she gives birth. This practice has been found to disproportionately affect Indigenous women and has led to the FNLC and others advocating that this practice immediately be stopped.”

“The National Inquiry on MMIWG further affirmed that this practice disproportionately impacts Indigenous women and demanded it stop, as is reflected in Call for Justice 12.1 which states: “We call upon provincial and territorial governments and child welfare services for an immediate end to the practice of targeting and apprehending infants (hospital alerts or birth alerts) from Indigenous mothers right after they give birth.” ”

First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNT2T), Anishinabe Child and Family Services, West Region Child and Family Services and regional agencies have recently come together to collaborate on addressing restoration of child and family jurisdiction within the local Nations so that solutions to ensure safety and wellbeing are created for all our children which include those yet to be born and during and after their birth. Bonding, attachment, breastfed nutrition are inherent rights of a birthed human being. Keeping families together is a priority where this is wholly possible.

FNT2T also put together a Nation Rebuilding session last week in Pinaymootang Nation in order to establish a strategic action approach to address all aspects of reconciliation needs and gaps and ensure the rights and recognition required by Canada is wholistic and contains our full participation and input.

Child and Family Law Development Sessions will be taking place in the beginning of October 2019 in the local Nations. This is your law and everyones input and participation is necessary and valued. Watch out for notice posters this week in your Nation, on this website and on social media.

Last modified: September 23, 2019

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