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Letter to Manitoba – Congratulate you on your successful re-election Mr Brian Pallister

September 25, 2019

Dear Mr Pallister;

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on your successful re-election, and your Party’s success of governing the settler colony on the Anishinaabe lands and Treaty territory.

During your campaign you have stated you have been working to repair relationships with First Nations for the last three (3) years. The traumatic impact on our Nation’s due to the ‘human made’ 2011 flood will take at least another decade to address.

The duty to consult framework must ensure involving First Nations in dialogue full circle when modernization, expansion or new infrastructure or projects are initiated.  Accommodation and consent must be given.

We expect that you will continue to be committed to advocating for Indigenous women and girls and two-spirited as well as working with us to address the finding of genocide by your governments and the 231 recommendations of the MMIWG Inquiry Final Report.

We are rebuilding to restore ourselves back to the days before when we lived out our inherent way of life in a good way. 

Taking back our territory, seeking compensation for the land taken up for immigration and settlement and taking back all the crown lands that are not taken will help with making things right for our people.  

Any industry in our territory will be required to be forced to pay compensation to us from the day they entered. We are prepared to sit down with you without your courts, as you know majority of all claims in colonial courts has been in our favour and will continue to be so.

The Treaty is sacred and a process allowing your ancestors to have rights in our territory to share the lands and enjoy prosperity that we once did prior to their arrival and imposed injustices.  To be of equal partnership not lesser.

Our initiatives include innovative methods in addressing problems that have plagued our Local Nations and The Nation for a very long time. It is our sincere belief, that the stagnation that has been allowed to fester over your predecessors, must come to an end; and that your Government has an obligation to work with us in implementing equitable and realistic solutions, which will bring the Government of FNT2T and the people to a place that is provided to and enjoyed by all Canadians generally.

We are inviting you to our Treaty 2 Territory, to have an initial exchange to discuss possible avenues to move forward mutually with both of our mandates, including a traditional “gift exchange”.  We are confident you will respect and accommodate our invite to meet.

Our office will be in contact to follow up with coordinating our meeting details.

Nothing About Us Without Us …in Unity we Remain.


Grand Chief Eugene Eastman

Last modified: September 25, 2019

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