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New School ‘Taking Flight’ in Ochichakkosipi

September 26, 2019

Ochichakkosipi, Treaty 2 Territory – The new School and Water Plant project discussion with members of OCC today at the Administration Office Hall.

“Today we are here to move forward with our new school and current school issues.  We are here to listen to what ISC has to say about our project, old school that needs repairs and when to expect the project moving forward”, said Chief Eugene Eastman.

The project was scheduled to start this winter with the close to completed plans and feasibility for a new school and water plant. Stantec explained that testing in the local Nation will be finalized and the study completed soon. The project includes a new water and sewer system.

Eric Ducharme, with OKI who is the local project management company working with OCC explained his role and how the school project is close for tender once funds are available will begin.

The new school location is 2km from the current Administration office.  The key will be to connect the new water and sewer system to it and to the rest of the Nation’s current infrastructure.

Clean water availability and enough pressure for the sprinkler system is critical.

The school project design was presented by Stantec.  Showing the uniqueness of the facility and the expansion into trades and shops of the students of the Nation.

The colour scheme of the new school involved the members and the students during the design.

Members were very involved today asking questions. One in particular is landmarks.  The Crane is being displayed throughout the design and entrance.

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