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Natural World Circle continues to meet and protect the territory with protocol

October 2, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – The Government of FNT2T through the Natural World office including the Circle and Committee met to discuss the protocol to protect the lands, water and resources in the Treaty 2 territory.

Lead by Natural World Circle Keeper Ron Missyabit and Internal/External Relations Circle Keeper Joseph Maud, they met to discuss the protocol that has been drafted up to protect the territory.  Justice/Peacekeeping Circle Keeper Lorie Thompson made the presentation on the protocol during the round table discussions.

“With the formation of the Government of FNT2T and a unified Nation we are taking an approach to advance the protection of our lands, water and resources. It is time to take our 21.5 million acres back that was stolen from us without any compensation”, said Chief Cameron Catcheway Skownan First Nation, portfolio of the Natural World Circle/Office.

The First Nation of Treaty 2 Territory (FNT2T) has lived on Turtle Island since creation and we have a sacred and inherent relationship with the land that provides inherent rights and inherent responsibilities.

“Our protocol is a great start, as the Government of FNT2T we must protect our territory through our inherent rights and laws”, said NWC Chairperson Darren Mousseau, Ebb and Flow First Nation.

Court decisions have established that the Crown has a legal duty to consult and accommodate, as appropriate, an Indigenous group or Nation whenever contemplating an action or decision that could potentially adversely affect that group’s proven or asserted Aboriginal or treaty rights. This includes project approvals. The level of consultation owed relates to the nature of the rights or strength of the group’s claim and the severity of the potential impacts

The purpose of this Protocol is to ensure that FNT2T carries out its responsibility to protect and sustain the Natural World. It will inform and guide the engagement between FNT2T, federal, provincial and municipal governments and other third-parties by ensuring the Natural World is respected and protected along with protecting the full range of our rights. This Protocol provides clarity to all parties, by ensuring that the laws of the Natural World, our laws, Canadian, International laws are observed.

The Protocol outlines a wide range of practices to consider and further explore to help ensure your approach to engagement is one that builds mutual trust and understanding through the development of constructive relationships at all levels.

Successful engagement requires early and ongoing consultation and extended participation, and it benefits all parties, is a fundamental principle to keep in mind. Involving our local Nations and The Nation at an early stage is one of the most important tasks in the planning process, in order to get to know us, to provide information about the project and to facilitate an open dialogue.

Last modified: October 3, 2019

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