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Tootinaowaziibeeng opens up Jordan’s Principle building to develop solid programs for their youth

October 4, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – Today in Tootinaowaziibeeng deep in the valley where the valley river passing through the middle; Elders, Chief Barry McKay, Councillor Caroline McKay, staff and members gathered at the Jordan’s Principle (JP) building to celebrate the official opening of their new building.  We were witnessed today to the ribbon cutting, along with the strong prayer to bless the building and the program.

A local Elder and drum group from Tootinaowaziibeeng started off the ceremony with a member who has spent some time with the program and officially cut the ribbon.

“We had a vision about six years ago, the Chiefs across Canada discussed for our gifted children to have a building for them to prosper and grow” said Chief Barry McKay.

Chief McKay went on to say that back then the Chiefs shared stories and ideas. He thanked the many supporters, the Ritz family, the Government of FNT2T, members and staff to see today come true.

The building is a special and safe place to help staff to gather and work with the youth of today.

After the official cutting of the ribbon, there was a tour of the outdoor land-based park in their backyard.  From a zip line, a fire place, stump jumps, to the Makwa bridge walking down the walk way to the face painting tent heading deeper in over the willow walkway while looking at the bucket tree in which a bucket is located in the middle of the tree to finishing off with the Tipi and sensory play.  “A truly amazing place to play.  The youth are going to enjoy this for many years to come, this is really exciting”, said Andrea McKay, Director of Jordan Principle.

Nation Helper Scott Lynxleg enjoy his day in his home nation on the zip line and walking though the land base park.  “Beautiful, wow I love this, the work the staff and members put in is great.  I remember as a child, my grandparents had us play in the bush and this is what it reminds me of,” said Scott Lynxleg.

The celebrations moved into the new built Nation Hall where they were treated with a great home cooked meal.  Opened with a prayer and drum song, Councillor Caroline McKay made a brief statement of welcome.  Andrea McKay gifted each staff member in the program with a star blanket, sage and tobacco. “Today we have a dream team to make sure we give our youth a hand during their years of growing.  This is amazing and we truly are blessed with the support of our community”, said Andrea McKay.

Today’s celebrate was zero waste with the JP program handing out Zero Waste Bundles a message the Government of FNT2T is truly inspired with.

A moment of silence was asked by Chief McKay for the passing of a great person and a former Chief Mervin Lynxleg.

A great day in the beautiful Nation of Tootinaowaziibeeng!!

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