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FNT2T Emergency Management Information – Friday, October 18th

October 18, 2019

The Government of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory Staff Responsibilities:

1) data entry – registration of evacuees which is necessary for them to receive assistance with accommodations, food and whatever else may be available;

2) collaborating & communication with IRTC to ensure evacuees obtain what they need according to the priority basis: medical conditions, elders, families with small children;

3) collaborating & communication & main floor room accessibility with ACFS so they can offer services as effectively as possible – activities for children, wellbeing counselling services, donations, their supplies depot at the hotel – ma ma wai & other orgs are offering activities for children and families;

4) attending update and other meetings with the Nation leadership for technical support;

5) assisting independent First Nations – OCC & LSM as required/requested – Red Cross, accommodations, donations, data entry, attend meetings;

6) assist with FN reimbursement submissions to ISC;

7) assist with return home procedures;

8) assist with creation of emergency response planning; and

9) communications and info sharing with FNT2T evacuees through website/social media.


1. Registration data must meet legal standard requirements – Name, Date of Birth, Status Number,  Address
2. 70 at RBC shelter, meals being provided to hundreds
3. Listings of most vulnerable is prioritized
4. Require EHO involvement – health & safety 
5. Several evacuees have returned home even though their Nation’s have not been restored
6. Some evacuees being arrested by police alleging they are drunk when they are sleeping
7. There should be more flexibility from ISC so the emergency response contractor who is Red Cross can meet immediate needs.
8. Require system established for issuing gas card and grocery restoration when returning home, but need immediate food and fuel needs met while displaced.
9. Require laundry service access for evacuees as well as laundry products.
10. Require better communications and signage bulletins. Communications Plan needed
11. First Nations can meet with Red Cross individually if they wish.
12. Hotels are running out of food.
13. Red Cross needs to be provided all hotels evacuees at so they can send information over. 
14. Can’t tell hotels to accommodate evacuees. Why not? A state of emergency was issued.
15. Evacuee members in municipalities that are displaced can register as well.
16. The FNs requested a Red Cross Rep be appointee for each FN
17. Children’s birthdays during this time?

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)
1. Will not reimburse FN commercial losses
2. Fridges, stoves, freezer replacement not covered
3. Templates will be provided for submissions
4. Minister O’Regan meeting with leadership today 
5. Education – potential graduates require a set number of school days to graduate – teachers can be mobilized to possibly create home school packages if needed – can teachers be a resource? Nominal reporting needs to be addressed.

1. Restored some areas but kick out can happen.
2. Will they be responsible for appliance replacement costs?
3. Daily updates will be issued now on the progress
4. Contact John Thompson johnthompson@hydro.mb.204-391-2218

1. Meeting at 3pm today in Imperial Room at Victoria Inn to discuss polling stations and training workers over weekend for Monday vote.

1. Data entry assistance being provided through FNT2T
2. IRTC central at Victoria Inn will be moving to the Clarion Hotel starting Saturday, October 19, 2019

Please share and check back for periodic updates. Miigwetch!

Last modified: October 18, 2019

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