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Update on Evacuated Nations, Monday, October 21st

October 21, 2019

Red cross has hired a booking agent to book rooms, they’re currently set up at IRTC, to find rooms for evacuees.

Dauphin River First Nation is receiving diesel powered generators temporarily until Hydro is able to replace poles at freeze up. Chief Stagg has requested smaller generators to power buildings, and for back up power.

  • 90 customers affected by power outages.
  • 60 poles damaged; damaged plant is in a swampy area which impacts access for repair.
  • Helicopters continue to be used to support the restoration activities.
  • An amphibious machine has been deployed, and the anchor installations are continuing.
  • Manitoba Hydro has secured a generator to supply temporary power to the community.
  • The current anticipated ETR for energizing the community with the generator is October 21st.

Lake Manitoba First Nation now has power. Power is fully restored with the exception of 5 homes.

  • Water testing will begin today, Monday, October 21st
  • Water will be provided for members today, Monday, October 21st
  • A swampy location is resulting in relocation of the distribution line for the remaining customers.
  • The current anticipated ETR for the remaining customers is October 23rd.

Chief McLean and leadership are thankful for the support from IRTC and to FNT2T staff for being here. Chief McLean stated “we need to take care of our own.”

Little Saskatchewan First Nation

  • Approximately 74 customers without service.
  • Approximately 86 poles and 11 transformers requiring repair or replacement.
  • The distribution system in Little Saskatchewan is severely damaged.
  • 40 poles were replaced on October 20th.
  • Partial Restoration is anticipated to continue through October 26th.

Ochichakkosipi First Nation – power has been restored.

Pinaymootang First Nation

  • Approximately 382 customers without service.
  • 29 poles and 3 transformers that require repair or replacement. 
  • The Pinaymootang Motel was restored on October 19th.
  • The current anticipated ETR for full restoration is October 21st.
  • Chief and Council had requested drinking water for members returning home.

Lake St. Martin First Nation

  • 187 customers affected by power outages.
  • 25 poles (including some pole structures) and 1 transformer requiring repair or replacement.
  • A diesel generator is on site and ready to commission.
  • The current anticipated ETR for diesel supply is October 21st.

Leadership are requesting to meet with AFN Grand Chief and ISC, as this can’t happen again. Emergency Management Plan must be put in place without delay. Plans must begin now!

Lake St. Martin First Nation meeting October 21st, 2019

Last modified: October 21, 2019

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