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Update on Evacuated Nations, Wednesday, October 23rd

October 23, 2019

Dauphin River First Nation

  • 90 customers affected by power outages.
  • Damaged plant in a swampy area, which impacts access for repair.
  • Mechanical challenges with the pole setting equipment has slowed progress.
  • Manitoba Hydro has secured a generator to supply temporary power to the community.
  • Power to the community was restored on October 22nd, with temporary power via the generator, and with the exception of 14 houses on the south side of the river.
  • It is currently anticipated that the remaining 14 houses will also have power via generator on October 23rd, but it is possible that it will be longer. 
  • The revised ETR for line power (i.e. when temporary generator power will no longer be required) is October 24thto October 25th.  However, this is still very tentative with the possibility of further revision.

Lake St. Martin First Nation

  • 187 customers affected by power outages.
  • 25 poles (including some pole structures) and 1 transformer requiring repair or replacement.
  • The community was returned to line power on October 22nd, so the temporary generator was not required.  However, there may still be some customers without power; this is still to be confirmed.

Little Saskatchewan First Nation

  • Approximately 74 customers without service.
  • Approximately 86 poles and 11 transformers requiring repair or replacement.
  • The distribution system in Little Saskatchewan was severely damaged.
  • 30 poles were replaced on October 22nd, but no additional customers were restored.
  • Feeder line has been restored to the community.
  • The current ETR has been revised to October 24th, but it is possible it could be later.

Pinaymootang First Nation

  • Approximately 382 customers without service.
  • 29 poles and 3 transformers that require repair or replacement. 
  • Conditions on the east side of the community have proved more challenging than initially anticipated.
  • Partial restoration has occurred. However, one area (east) has been identified where customers are still without service.
  • The ETR for full restoration has been revised to October 23rdto 24th, but it is possible it could be later.

Last modified: October 23, 2019

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