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Ceremonial/Communal Moose Hunts in the Duck Mountains

October 31, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – Numerous discussions have taken place with staff from Wildlife Branch in an effort to facilitate a fall moose hunt for Treaty 2 membership. A presentation on the status of the moose populations were made to our Land and Water Committee in Ebb and Flow as well a presentation to our Duck Mountain coalition in Pine Creek.

Although the moose populations have recovered and have increased they are still in a vulnerable state. A modest number of permits were being considered to facilitate access to a fall hunt unfortunately the department has reversed course and have decided to work only with communities that were consulted prior to the closure. We do not have access to that information and due to confidentiality concerns by the department that information is not readily available for us to post.

If your community members are interested in pursuing or to see if your community qualifies, please call Gerald Shelemy at 1-204-734-3429.

In closing, we’re waiting for true Shared Management processes to become a reality, talking to us and making unilateral decisions is not Shared management, but I remain optimistic we will get there.

Ron Missyabit,
Natural World Keeper
First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory

Last modified: October 31, 2019

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