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Lake Dauphin Winter Commercial Fishery

November 8, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – As a result of low fish stocks in Lake Dauphin in early 2000-2001 the lake remains under a conservation management regime with opportunities for both domestic harvest and commercial harvest by Indigenous people.

One of the accommodations negotiated the leadership of the day was the transfer of 50% of the commercial  licenses available for the lake. There were 30 licenses available for the lake and none were held by an Indigenous person. To date the department has set aside 14 commercial licenses for Indigenous fishing opportunities. There is one license that remains outstanding  before the department can say it’s fulfilled its obligation to accommodate.

The long term vision for the lake is to implement a management plan that will sustain the fishery for all users. There is draft management plan for the lake which will be shared with communities for input and advice. The leadership and vision of the WRTC leaders should be commended in reviving the fishery that allows our people to continue to enjoy a sustainable fishery on Lake Dauphin.

The season runs from November 1st, 2019 till January 31st, 2020.

There are 14 licenses available with a quota of 500 lbs for each license.

The district office will receive the applications and will be approved by FNT2T.

If any of our Treaty 2 members is interested in acquiring a commercial license please contact the district office in Dauphin at 204-622-2106.

Ron Missyabit. Natural World Keeper

Government, First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNT2T)

Tel: 204.638.3797 Ext 1008

Last modified: November 16, 2019

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