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Exploring Business Ideas, Life Long Learning Lodge Skating Treadmill

November 12, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – On Friday November 8th, 2019, FNT2T Corporation/Business Keeper Ryan Sutherland, visited Alteaactive, a new state of the art training facility being built in Bridgewater, Winnipeg’s fastest growing neighborhood. With hockey being Manitoba’s number one sport and other sports that require skating following close behind, and only two Skating Treadmills in the Manitoba, both located in Winnipeg, there is huge potential for other urban center’s to capture market share in this segment of the skating training market.

Alteaactive has installed Manitoba’s second Skating Treadmill. In the picture above, Joel Layaoen, Skating Treadmill Installer from National Fitness Products with John Sutherland, a hockey player that is actively training on a Skating Treadmill owed and operated by WinnPro Hockey on Waverley Street in Winnipeg.

John Sutherland training on WinnPro Hockey Skating Treadmill

Sports and Recreation training is going to be a big part of the Life Long Learning Lodge education curriculum for early learning years.

Install completed at Alteaactive Fitness Facility
Control Monitor for the Blade Skating Treamill
The Blade installed at another Facility in Toronto with Platform being built around it

Last modified: November 12, 2019

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