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Local Nation Helpers are key in the governance process

November 26, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – Local Nation Helpers (LNH) are the key in communicating with the members of the local Nation and FNT2T. The Local Nation Helpers keep the members informed of what is happening in FNT2T government and organizes information meetings for the members to attend.

The LNH also updates and inputs information on the local First Nation website. This helps keep the members up to date on the latest development in the Treaty 2 Territory and within each local Nation. Members from the local Nation are encouraged to participate in the information/engagement sessions that are in each First Nation. Constitutional and Law development is key to moving forward.

The Local Nation Helper assist the members in accessing and keeping the members informed around constitutional and law development.

Meeting Leadership       Meeting current leaders of your Local Nation;Discussion around Local Nation tasks and deliverables;Informing Leadership on current First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory tasks and action items;
Committee Meetings   Alternating between training;Bringing back sections and articles reviewed during training sessions;Meetings with members bi-monthlyBringing back information from the meetings;Informing Local Nations on FNT2T;History and data;
Nation Meetings (Kitchen table, Open House)   Communicating with members of the Local Nation;Encouraging Committee members to bring back all information to their families;Kitchen table talks with families;
Web Site Development Input and updating entire site;Authoring and inserting storiesDocumentation meetings, gathering and sessions;Weekly blogging, stories of members;Uploading photos and videos; 
Communications Documenting and videoing discussions;Engaging through target groupsSurvey’sEducational material;Weekly blogging and uploading stories;Profiling our Knowledge Keepers;Delivering Moccasin News to members;
History Creating timeline for your Local Nation;Local Nation Profile;Input for the overall Treaty 2 territory history and timeline;Language camps;
Training Bi-weekly certificate training sessions – March 31, 2020;Understanding Constitutional;Framework and development;Political Relations;Law-Making;Administration;Reporting process;Mind Mapping;
Constitutional Training sessions to go over each section;Bring back training to each Local NationEducation and awareness training Constitutional and FNT2T government structure;Section development;
Special Events Hockey Night in Treaty 2 Territory – youth involvement;Winter Games – Pinaymootang – communications and getting information to JP and members;Celebration of Nations – promoting and getting information to the hands of members;
As of 22 November 2019  

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Scott Lynxleg

Regional Services Keeper

Last modified: November 27, 2019

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