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Life Long Learning (LLL) Engagement Sessions in FNT2T

November 27, 2019

Treaty 2 Territory – As First Nations peoples we know that our ancestors practiced and believed that learning was a lifelong process. Education begins at birth and it continues throughout a lifetime.

We also understand that learning (education) is our inherent right as the original peoples of our traditional territories. As time passed, education became a treaty right for First Nations as part of our ancestors’ agreements with the Crown.

Today, many First Nations across Canada are working hard and making great strides in reclaiming self-determination and furthering local control over education. A big part of that process is First Nations continuing to determine and plan for what they want their education systems to look like—on their terms.

FNT2T wish to support members in their local work of further self-determination. Life Long Learning will be contacting each member’s local nation helper to organize engagement sessions in-community to discuss local Education Acts and transition planning for little ones.

One LLL in-community engagement session has been held and it was very successful. Attendees participated in an activity that focuses on raising awareness regarding what we as students have been taught and what we have not been taught. From there, attendees discussed their experiences with education and what they envision for local education.

The hope for these engagements sessions is that member First Nations will form a local working group focused on further developing their community’s Education Act which will in turn continue the important and ongoing work of self-determination. As mentioned, FNT2T Life Long Learning will be working with local nation helpers to continue organizing sessions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Last modified: November 28, 2019

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