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Senior Officials of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory and Treaty One Development Corporation meet

December 6, 2019

Winnipeg, Treaty 1 Territory – On Friday 6 December 2019, history was made with a technical meeting of the two Treaties.  Also meeting with them was staff from the TRCM to discussion the awareness of Treaty 1 and 2, how they have a connection and the 150 years of the treaties in 2021.

The making of both Treaty 1 and 2 were made within weeks of each other in 1871.  It was known that many of the Treaty 2 Chiefs and Headmen were present at the time Treaty 1 was made on 3 August 1871 at Lower Fort Garry.  Weeks later on 21 August 1871 Treaty 2 was made at the Manitoba House.

Today’s meeting focused on how Treaty 1 and 2 can partner with further awareness with each other.  What makes this process unique, the text of both Treaties are together in the document with the Crown.

Waylon Sutherland, CEO of Treaty One Development Corporation talked about the mandated as Treaty 1 to take on business, overseeing Kapyong  Barracks lands and bringing the Treaty 1 nations together.

FNT2T staff made a presentation on the present Treaty governance, administration and operations structure.  Focus was on business development in 2013, later spending more time on structure and governance to date.  Constitutional development was discussed on the importance to protect the lands, resources and waters in the treaty 2 Territory.

More meetings in the future will be scheduled with staff to work on the details for the 150 years of the treaties in 2021.

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