Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Officials of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory and Canada discusses advancement with Self-Government and Unfinished Treaty Business

December 7, 2019

FNT2T – First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNT2T) Senior Keepers met with Canada’s senior representatives on 3-5 December 2019 in Gatineau, Unceded Territory of the Algonquin People. Opening protocol started with a prayer by FNT2T staff member, introductions and agenda review. The three (3) day agenda was reviewed.  Opening statements made by FNT2T and Canada.

Features of the topics discussed include:

FNT2T newly structured and passed both on 7 August 2019 and Grand Council resolutions to move on new administration, operations and committees connecting to the current Circles. All Local Nations are engaged through both the FNT2T Government and Local Nation Helpers (LNH) process.

FNT2T have been sending letters to Canada regarding Children, Families and Nations and Life Long Learning.  Letters have not been responded to. Canada advised FNT2T that there may not be a response due to the election.  Canada is using the RIRSD tables for relations. Canada informed FNT2T that the legislation though Canada on Child Welfare C-92 that the process after January 1, 2020 will be to include the provinces (Manitoba/Saskatchewan).

FNT2T discussed full focus given toward transfer payments to the Government of FNT2T and flow through to Local Nations as direct as possible and Unfinished treaty business such as the 21.5 million acres within the Treaty 2 Territory. FNT2T is not selling out, but will clearly gain from this process.

A few models were presented such as similar to Province transfer payments, Treaty Based funding and FNT2T’s idea of the Anishinaabe funding structure. Funding proposals do not work and the grant system was never the Treaty process.  FISC – Fiscal framework in which FNT2T stated that no support will be given.  FNT2T has its own framework as presented and supported through the Grand Council (People) and implemented by the Governing Council.

More work on the term sheet process of the annexes, Canada mentioned DoJ has had input. The Annexes discussed with Canada stating that they would like to proceed. The Government of FNT2T, The Nation recognizes the Crown as the other treaty partner – 21 August 1871. Canada agreed to further discuss the recognition process with the self-government process. FNT2T clearly stated that the self-government is an Anishinaabe process outside of Canada’s frame work.

The Second and Third day started with a smudge and prayer from the resident Elder at the Canada Building from the Mohawk Nation.

Canada through their Inherent Right Policy in which FNT2T has made major comments requiring a full change, has asked for Manitoba’s involvement.  Documentation regarding Canada’s Inherent Right Policy as a draft and old 1995 was discussed.  FNT2T did an analysis and presented in November 2018 and May 2019, a policy that clearly doesn’t fit the Anishinaabe way of governance.

It was felt that FNT2T is well designed and working toward their own self-government. It’s a new process for Canada and new waters to enter into giving FN’s and a Treaty Government recognition.  Self-recognition of language, governance, jurisdiction has already started within FNT2T.  Canada states they can only use Inherent Right Policy. Canada’s proposed principles from 2018 came up and was brought in for a quick review.  FNT2T last year had a position paper and made comments at a previous meeting.

The importance of Nation Building and Uniting our Nation was discussed through the Winter Games 2020 held in Pinaymootang, 26-29 February 2020. An in-depth discussion continued on ARCAP and UNDRIP, speaking on the core function of Governance; Land Management Act – most popular; Land is our priority; Canada – if you can do this with Lands why not with Self-Governance.

Next meeting is scheduled for January with Senior Officials from both FNT2T and Canada.  All meetings have been mandated by FNT2T Government.

Last modified: December 17, 2019

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